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Ljubljana, Ljubljana (mesto)
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We rent business space in the form of a rectangle, located in an architecturally sophisticated modern building on Tržaška Street Ljubljana, by the ring, in the immediate vicinity of the Ljubljana-West exit and the Kozarje junction.

Dimensions of the space is approx. 26 x 7 meters with ceiling height approx. 6 meters, it is windowless and offers plenty of possibilities for light effects or lighting, installations, exhibitions, as well as studio space for photography, TV, video production, recording of media, show room or exhibition space, space for sports activities and similar business. The space is specific and unique and not suitable for offices. It also has a gallery of approx. 40 m2, which is connected to the upper floor of the building and increases the usability of the space. The space is accessible through two doors on the first floor, and the gallery through two doors in the mezzanine, the possibility of using stairs or ramp, which represents the inner hallway and is located in the inner part of the building. The same floor there are women's and men's restrooms and a storage space of approx. 6 m2.

Total space for use approx. 300 m2. There are 3 additional parking spaces in front of the building for a tenant, as well as parking for clients. There are no elevators. The building is completely occupied (rented), only this space is currently available.

The monthly costs paid by the tenant are moderate and will not, on average, exceed 2 eur /m2. Premises are available immediately.

The tenant does not pay NUSZ (the realestate tax) or agent provision, but covers the legal part of the transaction.

For more information, please feel free to call me.


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Managing Agent
Associate - mag. Nina Kahne, univ. dipl. prav. - RE/MAX Commercial
mag. Nina Kahne, univ. dipl. prav.

mag. Nina Kahne, univ. dipl. prav.

RE/MAX Commercial



mag. Nina Kahne, univ. dipl. prav.

RE/MAX Commercial

Dimičeva ulica 13
RMC, poslovne nepremičnine d.o.o.

Ljubljana, Ljubljana (mesto), سلوفينيا

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